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VSGC New Investigator Program

The New Investigator Program is designed to strengthen Virginia's research infrastructure by providing startup funding to Virginia Space Grant university personnel who are conducting research that is directly aligned with NASA's mission.

NASA's research interests embrace a wide range of science, engineering, computational and other disciplines.

This opportunity is available to those who have yet to become established researchers. Awardees must be tenure track faculty who are within the first five years of their academic careers and they must be U.S. citizens.

Requests for proposals for 2018-2019 will open in January of 2018

Current Awardees

Gaurav Giri
University of Virginia
Chemical Engineering
Lightweight Metal Organic Framework Thin Films for Flexible Electronics and Fuel Cells

Dr. Benjamin Hamlington
Old Dominion University
Ocean, Earth, and Atmospheric Science Department
Hampton Roads InSAR Subsidence Survey

Nathanael M. Kidwell
College of William and Mary
Laboratory Studies of Sulfur Oxidation Reaction Intermediates in the Atmosphere: Expanding Predictive Atmospheric Models of S-Nitrosothiol Unimolecular and Photochemical Pathways

Dr. Mona Zebarjadi
University of Virginia
Electrical and Computer Engineering Zero-gap thermoelectric materials

Eugeniy E. Mikhailov
College of William and Mary
Improving space navigation: Laser Gyroscopes with Dispersive media

Please contact Dr. Tysha Sanford, or (757)766-5210, if you have any questions.