Q: I have already applied for an internship through the Commonwealth STEM Industry Internship Program (CSIIP). Will STEM Takes Flight affect the possibility of being hired?

A: All CSIIP applications are available for review when companies search for an intern. STEM Takes Flight does not change the selection process; however, because of the potential for a sponsored versus a company-paid internship, more placements are possible. In addition, the CSIIP staff will continue to assist registered companies with finding the best candidates for their paid internship positions from all community college applicants.

Q: I just transferred from a community college to a university. Am I still eligible?

A: STEM Takes Flight requires that applicants must be current community college students or faculty. The program seeks to foster enhanced community college retention in STEM academic tracks through graduation or transfer to a four-year institution. In addition, the Virginia Space Grant Consortium hopes to strengthen relationships with NASA and Virginia’s community colleges. If you are interested in industry internships, you may wish to apply to the Commonwealth Industry Internship program which is open to undergraduate students from sophomore to senior years.