Improving integrative STEM education in schools is complex and challenging. It can't be done without teachers with vision and a proven network of supports.

The focus of the 4 day professional development institute is to integrate Engineering Design Process education into mathematics & science content. This Institute is offered to 25 high school mathematics or science teachers. If selected, the participants will receive a $400.00 stipend for their Institute attendance and their involvement in the year-long follow-up study.

Institute Details

WHEN:July 29 to August 1, 2013

8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. each day

WHERE: New Horizons Regional Education Center, Butler Farm Road, Hampton, VA

WHO: For high school math and science teachers from the school divisions of Hampton, Newport News, Gloucester County, York County, Poquoson, and Williamsburg-James City County.


March 31, 2013

Qualifying Schools

The VA STEM CoNNECT and Virginia Space Grant Consortium are pleased to announce Project STAT: STEM Team Academy for Teachers, designed to challenge and support science and mathematics teachers from the following divisions to more effectively implement integrative STEM in high school mathematics and science classrooms:

  • Gloucester County
  • Hampton City
  • Newport News City
  • Poquoson City
  • Williamsburg-James City County
  • York County
Goals & Objectives

The 2013-2014 program will include eight cohorts, each comprised of up to two iSTEM teacher leaders (one math, one science from preferably the same school or division). Participants will develop the knowledge and skills needed to develop iSTEM instructional units that fully incorporate the Engineering Design Process in their science or mathematics classrooms.

    Upon completion of the program, participants will demonstrate an understanding of:
  • The scope and characteristics of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics including their differences and interactions;
  • The practices used by scientists (inquiry), engineers (design and build), and mathematicians(problem-solving), including similarities, differences, and interactions;
  • Various fields of engineering and how examples from these fields can be used to enhance the relevance of math and science;
  • The work done by engineers, the skills used in this work, and how one prepares to become an engineer;
  • Key resources for incorporating engineering into mathematics and science, e.g. standards, position papers, major web sites, speaker’s bureaus.
    Upon successful completion of the program, participants will:
  • Obtain strategies for implementing the engineering design process in their content area;
  • Support their colleagues in collaborative learning and practice;
  • Develop iSTEM unit with their team member;
  • Implement an iSTEM project in their school in the 2013-1014 school year;
  • Create awareness among peers through professional development at the school and/or division level.
Program Completion

Upon completion of the program, participants receive a $200 stipend upon the completion of the workshop, $200 upon the completion of the coauthored unit plan and implementation reflections, certificate of completion, and year-long support.

Application Details
    Who Should Apply?

    High School Science & Mathematics teachers interested in:

  • Developing leadership skills to support collaborative STEM learning and practice with colleagues
  • Deepening their understanding of Engineering Design Process in the context of Science and Mathematics

  • Minimum of two years as a public high school teacher
  • School-based teacher team (1 math & 1 science) focused on improving STEM engagement
  • OR Teams of teachers originating from different schools within the same division will be considered.
    Selection Criteria

  • Participation from teams of two teachers within a school is encouraged.
  • NOTE: Preference will be given to teams that include one mathematics and one science teacher from the same school. Multiple teams from the same school may apply.
Program Background

The VA STEM CoNNECT project is a collaborative partnership that includes George Mason University, James Madison University, The Institute for Teaching through Technology and Innovative Practices (ITTIP) at Longwood University, Frank Batten College of Engineering at Old Dominion University, The College of William and Mary, Virginia Tech, University of Virginia, MathScience Innovation Center, Virginia Space Grant Consortium, Virginia Mathematics and Science Coalition, Virginia Association of Science Teachers, Virginia Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Southside Virginia Regional Technology Consortium, and 48 school divisions across Virginia. Additional partners include STEM businesses and industries as well as STEM related non-profit organizations. The partnership is engaging in the development and implementation of a vertically-aligned K-12 STEM curriculum and teacher professional development program that integrates the engineering design process into the mathematics and science curriculum.

The VA STEM CoNNECT is building on the past success of partnering institutions in STEM programs and is leading integrated STEM learning reform through: (1) professional development for mathematics and science teachers focused on the application of mathematics and science Standards of Learning (SOL) with emphasis on the engineering design process; (2) ongoing school-year support through e-learning and/or lesson study; and (3) partnering with leaders in school divisions to support STEM instruction that increases achievement and engagement in all student populations. During summer 2012, the project will train 174 teachers. Participants will be instructed using integrated STEM exemplar lessons that have been collaboratively developed through the partnership. Followup during the school year will be provided for teachers to implement the STEM exemplars into their classrooms and create additional integrated STEM lessons for instruction.

Virginia Space Grant Education Network

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